Hello loves ! Recently I have been going to restaurants more often, and although I try to work out more, I feel like I have been slacking off on eating healthy. I decided to make some moderate changes in order to cut down on certain types of foods and drinks. So today I want to share with you five steps to clean eating that with time, hopefully become part of your daily routine. I have been following them for about two weeks, but my results have only been positive.

Tip One: If you are like me and eat out a lot, this tip can really help. Nothing compares to making food at home because you know exactly how you are preparing your food and which condiments you add.  However, if you order something at a restaurant, the safest bets are fruits and veggies. Although sometimes oils, pesto, and different seasonings are added to veggies, veggies burn calories and have low fat content especially if you stick to the green veggies. This of course will not leave you completely full, but it will fuel you up so that your main course can be a smaller portion.

Tip Two: Try out vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Vegan and vegetarian options are trending so much that these kids of restaurants are popping up in every neighborhood. One of my favorite restaurants in SD is Cafe Gratitude which is pictured above and they have amazing options. However, don’t limit yourself just to that. There are always vegan and vegetarian friendly options almost at every restaurant.

Tip three: Sweets are okay, just make sure they are low in fat and good for you. I love me a good ice cream or gelato. I know, however that these are not the best for my health. Start out, with maybe trying out a yogurt option or  even making your own fruity popsicles. They are a great alternative to satisfy a craving.

Tip Four: Switch to whole grain options. The best grains for you are the ones that have been the least processed. If you switch out pasta or white bread for whole grain, you get more fiber, anti-oxidants, and nutrient rich substitutes. These are better for your health, but also help with weight loss.

Tip Five: If you love a good happy hour and a refreshing margarita in the summer always calls your name, jot this one down. Try and use natural ingredients when creating your mixology. Go to your local produce market and instead of buying margarita mix or fruity mixers, squeeze lemons and crush berries to create a less sugary option. Also there are skinny girl cocktails which I have recently been obsessed with which are also low in sugar.

Let me know if these five tips helped you out! I would love to know if they were good options for you as well!