Hi gals ! Today I’m talking dresses and which one’s will flatter each and every one of you best. If you don’t know your body type, take the test here. This blog post is for those sunny days ahead when you want to bare a bit of leg. Fit is something that I talk about often because it matters ! So today I’m going to share the best dress cuts for your body type whichever one it is ! 

Round or Apple Shape: The first two dresses featured here are your go-tos. These are a bit larger in the mid area and accentuate either the higher or lower waist. These dresses tend to have sleeves, but sleeveless work too !

Triangle : Fit and flare are your most flattering dresses. They highlight your tiniest section and the flared skirt balances out wide shoulders.

Inverted Triange or Pear: Halter or bare shoulder dresses fit best on your body type. This way the smallest part of your body is revealed. Also look for a flowy bottom dress. This cut will create a narrower illusion!

Athletic or Rectangle: Form fitting dresses are the best kind. If the dress is a bit loose, you can add a belt to make it more fitted and accentuate a waist.

 Tall: For tall body types a maxi is ideal ! It gives a slimmer physique and these kinds of dresses are best because it will not look too short or fit small around areas.

I hope these suggestions help! Also, note that there are always petite and tall options in certain retail stores. I always find it very helpful to ask a representative how they think I look! Also remember that if you don’t fall in love with the dress on the hanger, chances are that is where it is going to stay in your closet !

xx Gina


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