In my past blog post talking about my favorite Spring trends, I realized I needed to go more in depth on one of the topics: skirts. I always love a good denim skirt, it’s easily pair-able with almost anything. But I want to show you some of my favorite patterns and how I mix and match them. Skirts are perfect for Spring and Summer. Some of the skirts I will feature can be worn on colder evenings. Skirts show off your feminine side and it’s also a subtle way to show a little leg and feel sexy.



All these looks are appropriate for Spring and Summer whatever the weather may be. I usually like to purchase two or three basics that I can get max-use out of them. They would probably be denim, white, and black. These I could pair with almost everything! But for a special occasion, I would go for a statement skirt that adds a little spunk to the outfit. If you liked any of my outfits, make sure to shop the look below !

PS: the lucky giveaway winer is Alejandra Ramos @aleee_ramos ❤️ ! Congrats lady!!!




    April 27, 2017 / 7:48 pm

    I absolutely love the second outfit, the palm trees shirt is so pretty!


    Love, http://herrendezvous.com/

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