Many people ask me what my secret to outfitting is. I feel like there is no secret, but just what feels right to every person. However one of my favorite tips to give out is to use a pop of color. Don’t get me wrong I love my neutrals and live in them almost everyday, but even in those neutrals, a subtle pop of color is what I usually work with. Some pops are more obvious than others, but I am going to share three colors that I have recently used: red, pink, and green.

A red pop of color can be used as accessories, in makeup, shoes, etc. Personally I do not wear red much, but I have recently been finding myself purchasing red lipstick, shoes, earrings, even handbags. I don’t know if it is because it is the color I have the least of, but here are some ways you guys can use a pop of red !

Pink may not be seen as a pop color, because blush tones are closer to the beige family. However, I feel like it is a pop color because many people do not use it. I think pink tones work year round and they are that pop color that can be used and paired with almost anything. These tones are perfect for any occasion.

Green is not a common color to work with. It might be a color that people only use during the winter in a very deePictured, I am wearing a furry green-blue coat, and a pea green bag. These kinds of colors should be thought about twice before wearing them, but they are definite head turners. Let me know how these looks work out and if you like post similar to this, leave comments below !


And the most importsnt part of the post! The winner of the giveaway is lexi_smith! Congrats girl!!!


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