When it comes to a classic button down, i try to mix and match as much as I can. The blouse I am wearing is a basic over-sized white blouse with flared sleeves. When shooting, late last week, I realized that most of my outfits were paired with this same blouse. So I decided to give you all five ways to wear a white button down for completely different looks. Some perfect for a day out, some perfect for drinks in the evening, and some perfect for that day-to-night look.


A simple pop of color s my first tip, not to mention my first look. I went for red: red accessories, red shoes, and red lips. A ripped jean and the look is complete. I know many of you might not like red lipstick, but the same look can be applied with blush tones, grays, or for a less casual look, black could also be an option. I usually think red is a very difficult color to work, with, but with such simple and polished pieces, there’s no way the look can go wrong! 


For those coffee catch-ups with friends I usually wear casual clothing with sneakers.  For this specific blouse I found that the flared sleeves worked great with a short jean jacket. I pulled the sleeves on the outside of the jacket so the detailing could be seen. I added a square shaped hat which lately I noticed they are the most flattering on my face shape. Soon I will make a blog post on which hat shapes are most flattering on who.

I usually wear more casual wear than anything, however once in a while I get dolled up and this look is the exception. The same blouse, with jeans and white heels, but the blazer makes the outfit much more formal. The blazer is what makes the outfit special. Large bags are something that I have recently forgotten about and I don’t know how I could! I used items that had been sitting in my closet for the longest time on this look, so go dig up those oldies but goodies and mix them up with a simple shirt.

This outfit was for the opening of a cute little tea shop in San Diego’s North Park. I went into the bathroom and I had to take a selfie. My outfit meshed well with the theme from the cafe because I was wearing blushed tones and the place was pink all around ! I wore a fringes sweater, jeans, the same blouse and a blush colored hat. It was a simple to put together look and the place was oh so very cute !

Last, but not least, jeans as the statement. For the ultimate loungy and relaxed look, pairing the blouse with jeans does the trick. However I would recommend pairing the blouse with a special jean. This could be something with a bit extra rips, maybe splatter, or a different wash color. Of course there are many other ways to wear this blouse especially when shorts and skirts are thrown into the mix. But these can all be used as I mentioned before for a day out, evening drinks with friends, or a day-to-night look !

xx Gina


  1. Jen
    October 19, 2018 / 12:32 am

    Where’s the blouse from??