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Okay loves, let’s talk Handbags ! I don’t know about you but I go ga-ga for handbags! It is one of my multiple outfitting obsessions. You know how they say “actions speak louder than words”? Well I say, handbags speak louder than words ! There are a wide variety from where to choose from, ranging from colors, to sizes, to brands. Let’s leave brands aside and lets focus on styles and colors.

Vital colors for your wardrobe on handbags are brown, black, and nude. For my browns I usually lean towards the camel tones because I find that they pair with more items in my wardrobe. Nudes are tricky because as you may know they come in different tones, but any tone will do the trick although I would not recommend too light of a tone as it can easily get dirty. I recommend having these three colors in a small and large bag. These will do for any occasion. If you are looking to go to a concert: crossbody, going to the brunch: oversize it, night out: clutch all the way.  

When you have the handbags you absolutely love, it becomes difficult to decide what to buy and if you really need it at the store. For handbags with some color, I would buy them in Spring or Summer. I am talking bright color, not a pine green or a burgundy red. I think a yellow, or a green is great for these seasons. These handbags can be seen as difficult to pair, but when you have a statement bag, just remember to keep everything else simple. Try a neutral print, or a layered look in solid tones, but don’t go too overboard trying to be matchy matchy.

Backpacks are very useful when you go on trips, but even more than that, they look extremely cute. My favorites are in red and brown. The brown is a must because it is easily pairable with anything. The red is near and dear to my heart because it is different and although I rarely take it out for a spin, there is not one time that I wear it that people don’t ask me where I got it from. It is one of those pieces you barely touch, but when you wear you know it is going to be a good day.

As far as crossbodies and clutches go, I usually use them when I do not have to carry around many things in my bag. If I have to carry my full wallet and makeup bag, oversizing it is. However, a smaller purse can allow for more outfit play because the focus is not centered on the bad that you are wearing.

I think I have to admit that oversized bags are my favorite. I think it is because I always have so much clothing and layers that I can fit into them that makes them more convenient for me. I love a good oversized bag however at times they can cause a nuisance because of their size. Keep in mind the places that you are going because if you go to a place where it is packed, carrying an oversized tote can be uncomfortable.


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    Love the white one at the end, really pretty!


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