This week was one of the most hectic weeks I have had in awhile. After arriving in NY, going to non-stop meetings, I arrived at the Hotel Belleclaire. This lovely hotel is located on the upper west side of New York, and its is enchanting. Their lobby is the coziest, perfect for coming and winding down after a fully scheduled day. I usually came in all bundled up because I am not used to the New York weather, but the arrangement of the hotel literally made me feel warm and at home.I arrived the first day, and I came to find lots of goodies provided by them. I think most of you followed on my IG stories, but I’ll give you a small recap on the essentials provided by the hotel: a selfie stick, passport holder, notebook, tote bag with the most darling drawing on it with the hotel hashtags #TriumphHotels & #HotelBelleclaire , and macaroons ! I think you all know already that I love a good macaroon, the best part was they had them in the lobby also!




I saw most of  you followed along on my SnapChat, but I’ll mention that the room was spacious and had great lighting to take pictures. In fact, I had a giveaway for all of you and decided to take the picture there.  The hotel was located a few blocks from Central Park, and two blocks away from the subway. I honestly don’t know much about the subway, but somehow I managed to make my way to and from there on it. The hotel has a very elegant and high end feel to it and my favorite part was the hallways ! They are narrow and very 1920s. However, the outside streets are where I spent most of my time. Knowing the hotel was located in the heart of the Upper West Side, I roamed through the streets to take pictures. My shoots consisted of two to three days, but the location of the hotel made it easy for me to journey throughout NY, still close enough to come and sneak in a nap at times. I recommend this hotel for a quick getaway to the city!

xx Gina


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