I have recently been running around like crazy, that I have not yet had time to breathe and relax. I am especially looking forward to the weekend because it is the first one I will have without having to work and I get to enjoy my San Diego. Whenever I am running around like crazy, as I usually am, I like to be in my most casual wear yet still having an effortless feel. This is where it gets tricky because effortless can be confused with sloppy, however I am giving you the best put together outfits that most of you can wear with things already in your wardrobes.

Okay, so this is a very simple one ! Gray jeans, mine from Kendall & Kylie collection because I love the boyfriend feel. A simple graphic tee that can be found at your local boutique or maybe already in your closet, paired with a lighter wash jean jacket. Tie on some kicks and the look is ready to go.

This one here plays on camel toned accessories ! A long, over-sized white button down with some black ripped jeans? I think yes ! Booties are always a comfy option, adding a little bit of height. This handbag is one from the Rebecca Minkoff collection which I absolutely love. However, if your booties are a different color, say nude, you can pair a matching handbag of your choice.

As many of you I love my ripped jeans and style them differently. Jeans are a great way to achieve the casual look, but add on a cozy jacket with embellished deets and the look is set. I chose to have a pop of red in my hadbag, but the pop could easily be a vibrant red lipstick !


Coffee runs are my daily exercise ! A plain black tee and a silver belt to accessorize is all I needed for this look. A little flirty action in a peep toe shoe adds an additional touch!


For a light wash jean I like to stick to pastels. An sweater two sizes too big is my favorite for the comfy, yet casual look! However, be careful how big the top is, sometimes a sweater that is too big might look a bit sloppy! Try and stick to one or two sizes 🙂

Stripes are flattering on almost every body type. This is why my closet consists of almost 50 striped tees. A black and white striped tee with distressed denim is perfect for that fast, yet put together look. This is one of my go-to outfits because it always looks chic, even though you spent 10 minutes dressing yourself ! For chill evenings, a light jacket is the perfect pair to this outfit. This can be worn with sneakers for the ultimate sporty chic look!

For those cold mornings I love my beanies, especially when I don’t have time to do my hair in the mornings. I’m wearing a leather jacket with timbs and jeans. The perfect cool & casual look for any errand filled day !

Try the looks for yourself! If you like the items I am wearing, the link to shop my look is below. I would love to see what you come up with from your own closets ! That is what the scope of my blog is about and I would love to have you featured on the “Style Me” section of the blog ! This is a section where you guys can send me items and I’ll try and find the best combinations and most affordable pieces to go with your existing items. Head on over and let’s kick-start it together !!