Camel is one of the season’s top colors especially for fall. I like to mix and match my camels with neutral hues, but this color is one that will go well paired with any other color. Honestly, you can’t miss out on this one because it can come in any tone and still look sharp. Camel is one of those colors that creates a more polished look even though you are wearing a casual outfit. I have three different outfits with the same color and all three are very casual underneath the camel.


The first look is a rose colored silk top with a camel colored sweater. I paired this look with casual jeans and metallic colored tennis shoes. I think this is the more casual of the three looks, but it is a look that is fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

In my second look I wore a plushy camel colored sweater from Zara with dark wash denim and boots. This is a warmer look for a late afternoon that might turn into a night out. This sweater is one of my favorites because in the light, it reflects different shades of camel. Seriously can’t get enough! Plus, I got it on sale so go check out your local Zara.

The third outfit is a plain white tee with distressed jeans and a camel colored coat. I think this look has the potential to look tired, but the coat gives life to the outfit. I’m pretty sure most of you have noticed how much I am gushing over this color, but hopefully you guys can add it to your wardrobe because it is honestly pair-able with almost anything.


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