Hello loves!!!

It is time for me to share one of my favorite watches out there. I recently got this Black/Rose watch from Cluse and you can already tell that I wear it everywhere. I have recently been going to coffee shops a lot since working for home distracts me from deadlines and priorities. Yesterday, I decided to go with my sister and she mentioned how my watch matched so perfectly with my entire outfit, then I thought why not share it with you guys!

As you can tell Cluse watches are produced with great quality, they are mainly designed simple yet sophisticated, great for any type of style. To me this types of watches portray a very elegant feel, great for casual yet simple outfits. I wore a simple white shirt and leggings with my watch and I felt like it blended great with the whole ensemble.

Check out their watches at (Best part the prices are amazing!)

cluse-1 cluse-3 cluse-4 cluse-5 cluse-6 cluse-7


  1. November 17, 2016 / 5:39 am

    Your style is awesome! I really like it!