Papyrus & Zang Toi.

So most of you are very used to E-cards by now and all those paperless statements. I guess it’s the new era and people have to adapt to the new innovations, but I gotta say I got so excited when I got these amazing, fashionable cards from Papyrus in the mail this week! … especially since I just got back from Fashion Week (just in time to send those “Thank you” notes).

These cards honestly made me remember how I loved to write and receive notes at the same time, we all know it’s the detail that counts, but these cards go far beyond expectation! Look at the details.. everything looks handmade and literally sowed to the card (not really but looks like it). When they told me Papyrus was teaming up this season with Zang Toi I knew there were some goodies to come and lovely upscale greeting cards to be seen!

I guess one can say these greeting cards can totally describe how I am and how they go up my “fashion alley”. I mean what better way than to send notes to people in a stylish way right??

Like I said I looked at every single one for minutes! Love all the details!!!

I spent hours trying to think which ones to send out and then I remember I had this beautiful stack of “Thank you” notes! Papyrus and Zang Toi really thought of everything possible.

Hope you guys love the greeting cards as much as I did and remember holidays are coming up!! What better way to say “Hi” than with a beautiful card.

This post was sponsored by Papyrus.


  1. Steph
    October 1, 2016 / 8:01 am

    Where Can i find this Amazing sweater???