Today, I wanted  to share with you one of my all time favorite pieces to create a layered look: the moto jacket. The moto jacket (short for motorcycle jacket for those of you who didn’t know) is a stylish staple to any ensemble. It is a classic and one of the many reasons you can find them at department stores,trendy shops, and even local boutiques. The fit for a moto jacket is the most important! Make sure that it is not too short in the sleeves or it cuts off your body. The moto jacket is one that will probably take up precious real estate in you closet for a number of years. Try and go for a neutral that you can mix and match endlessly, and maybe try and stay away from a very trendy moto jacket. If you have a great one already, by all means, trend away. But if you are buying your very first one, go for a classic.

What I look for when choosing a moto jacket is a zipper detailing. Nothing says biker like buttoning or zippers. It stays true to the idea of the jacket and also accessorizes a bit. Finding the perfect moto jacket can be a bit puzzling at first, but always keep you body type in mind. Look at the jackets that already work for you and try and find a similar cut in a moto. My very first moto jacket was the classic black leather. What I like about this one, however, is that it has a softer feel. It is amazingly comfortable, but still thick enough to keep me warm on those chilly Spring evenings. This is currently my fave because I can easily pair it with my spring-time pastels ! 

Let me know what you decide when shopping for your perfect moto!

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In my past blog post talking about my favorite Spring trends, I realized I needed to go more in depth on one of the topics: skirts. I always love a good denim skirt, it’s easily pair-able with almost anything. But I want to show you some of my favorite patterns and how I mix and match them. Skirts are perfect for Spring and Summer. Some of the skirts I will feature can be worn on colder evenings. Skirts show off your feminine side and it’s also a subtle way to show a little leg and feel sexy.



All these looks are appropriate for Spring and Summer whatever the weather may be. I usually like to purchase two or three basics that I can get max-use out of them. They would probably be denim, white, and black. These I could pair with almost everything! But for a special occasion, I would go for a statement skirt that adds a little spunk to the outfit. If you liked any of my outfits, make sure to shop the look below !

PS: the lucky giveaway winer is Alejandra Ramos @aleee_ramos ❤️ ! Congrats lady!!!




Hello Loves ! 

Many of you have been asking me via Instagram message what I would recommend my top spring tends would be ! So this post is for all of you. The transition from winter to Spring is always one of getting used to especially if the weather does not allow it. It think we can all agree that we are now deep into Spring ! These five trends are the ones I have been eyeing all season. Hope you like them!

The Roses & Florals: Spring is a time to show off those floral prints like the one I am wearing in the first picture ! However, this season a simple rose embroidery on an everyday blouse has been a non-stop trend and I love it! It is a way to add a little spunk to a feminine blouse or a feminine touch to a simple tee ! 

Second : A pop-of color off the shoulder blouse ! The off the shoulder trend is flattering on almost every body type, but have a little fun when you go shopping and try out something different. The yellow lace off the shoulder top is eye-catching, but not in a tacky way. Imagine if you wore the same in a white color… not as eye-catching eight? Play with colors this Spring and build a wardrobe off those basics in the closet.

Third: A denim skirt! I have always loved my denim skirts since I was 17 and still bought at Abercrombie ! These are the adult-me faves ! I love to wear denim skirts because I can outfit them as I please. My favorites are from AG and Levis, but I’m sure you can find one you love at your local boutique.

Fourth: Statement Earrings ! I mean just by looking at the pictures, I want to wear them again ! Colorful earrings can go wrong real quick, but make sure to pair them with simple and solid outfits ! These are one of my favorite trends of the season because it adds a freshness to any outfit, and that is what Spring does ! 

Fifth: Baby Blues! I usually stick to my grays, whites, and blacks when outfitting. But recently, I have found myself shopping a lot of baby blue. I usually treat it like denim and pair it with anything, but the color is perfect for any Spring time event. 

I hope you liked my Spring-time faves ! Stay tuned for more spring inspired blog posts !



Pamper Her with Pretty

For this upcoming Mother’s Day, I hit my ultimate one stop beauty shop Ulta Beauty. All women love to feel primped and pampered, don’t we? My mom and I have always had our beauty-ventures together especially when trying out new products that recently hit the market. It’s always nice to set some time apart with Mom, especially when talking beauty because after all I’ve learned it all from her. That’s why this Mother’s Day I didn’t think twice about where to go to find a gift for Mamá. The selection at Ulta Beauty has so much variety, seriously so many goodies! It was hard enough to decide what product I wanted for my mom, but also the brand that she would like the most. From makeup, to fragrances, hair products, skin care, beauty kits, everything seemed so appropriate for Mamá.

Mamá and I have always been very close, and she always gave me beauty advice that to this day I carry with me. She always said that gifting a fragrance is something very intimate; She views it is a trace of the person and how they smell, but also a special gift because you need to know the person well enough to decide which aroma fits them best. I knew as soon as I walked through the fragrance aisle, what I wanted to buy for her. I came across a full and fruity elegant scent: Mon Paris by YSL .

I know mom likes to change up her scent along with the seasons and this scent was a smooth springtime transition. It is always nice to have a lighter scent on when the sun shines a little brighter. I do the same thing; I unconsciously swap my scents when a new season comes along. I guess it is something I learned from my Mom which she learned from Abuela and I’ve carried it along throughout the years.

All mothers are unique and beautiful! That’s why Ulta Beauty is perfect for gifting, whether your mom likes to treat herself in the makeup, bath & body, or the skin section. Let’s celebrate mothers and the beauty that they gave us! There’s something perfect for all your beautiful Mamás out there, whatever beautyisms and secret tips they passed down to you! I’d love to know some of the tips and beauty secrets all the Moms out there have shared. Comment below to share some of your experiences as a child, teenager, or even in your most recent years ! I’d love to hear it all!



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Recently I have been hitting LA like crazy and doing mini-getaways which means I’ve become a pro at strategic packing. That’s why today’s post is all about that, the infamous weekend getaway or three day work trip. I personally used to be the kind of packer that would take my entire closet to for a couple of days just in case I would desperately need an item I never used.

Although I have not yet gotten the hang of packing all together, I can insure you these tips will save time and space in your weekender or carry-on! First, try and save space! Pack a pair of jeans or jean shorts depending on the weather of the place you are planning to go. These are perfect to combine with anything. I usually take a jacket in case it gets a bit chilly and I would stick to neutrals on this. I recommend taking a simple casual v-neck (the one that never lets you down) and a couple of dressy blouses, that can work for that day-to-night look. As far as shoes go, I would go with two pairs, tennis shoes and heels. You never know when you will have a last-minute special occasion! The best advice I can give when going on a short trip is accessorize! Accessories take up the least amount of space in your suitcase and they can make a simple look look dressed up or a dressed up look, more elegant. Adding a scarf to a plain white tee and jean shorts gives the whole look a twist, especially a bandana tied around the neck (currently my fave) .  Pack on the accessories, but take only one handbag! With these, you can mix and match and make enough combinations for a three day work trip. Try them out the next time you leave your home town!

Wearing same jeans & same bag. Different top and accessories, but both easily day-to night looks !