So, I’m finally getting established in my little nook I get to call my home office. My cozy Hunt for Styles Headquarters decor project started around two weeks ago. And I can finally say I have two of the main rooms already decorated and the dining room almost there. My vision as far as decor consisted of the following words: gold, fur, gray, blush pink, white, and lighting. To be honest most of my shopping was done on Amazon, Target, and Ikea. I went old school and google searched the vision I had in my head, and arrived at some pretty awesome pieces.

My living room is probably my favorite part of the place right now. It is warm and comfy filled with cushions and throws. I swear I feel like I enter a vortex every time I sit here. Time just seems to fly-by. My couch seemed to be a bit big when it first came in, but at the end of the day, it fit like a glove in the cornered section. The rug, I think, is one of the most eye-catching areas of the living room. It is furry and braided and has neutral colors that go along perfectly with the colors of the rest of the living room. The lamp in the back is from Ikea, super affordable! The mirrors hanging in the back are all from different places. The small ones are from Target (around $10-$15 for the set of three) The large center one I bought on Amazon, however the brand is Howard Elliott. The Zebra was yet another buy from Ikea!

As far as my first room goes, I wanted to create the ultimate beauty parlor for myself. The center of attention is the wall mirror. The two handbag stands are two of my favorite pieces in the room, partly because I built them myself, but also because of their architectural beauty. When I was putting this room together, a lot of people would ask me if I really wanted gold, silver, and white in the same room. It may seem like a crazy idea at first, but this was exactly how I wanted it. It has a glamour vibe to it, but still with a mix of opaque shimmers.

Last, the dining room. I bought so many flowers, all to decorate the house and although I spread them out around the house, most of them ended up in the dining room because it was the emptiest of them all. I still feel like I need to buy more flowers, but I feel like with time it will all come together. As you can see the blush colored tones also were applied in the dining room area. I feel like this area of the house has much potential. I still want to find the best pieces to create the perfect all around HFS HQ.


I created this post because many of you have been asking where I got my decor from. I hope this helps all you movers and new homers out there. You can shop the pieces in my home below ! Happy Hunting !
xx Gina



As you all may know May tends to be Wedding and Bridal season, or at least it begins… I am at the point in my life where most of my family and friends are either having babies or getting married, which makes me buy a dress every Thursday to wear on a Saturday morning brunch or an evening event.

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to take a photo of my latest outfit for a bridal shower. It was a hot day so decided to go for a short sleeve and white high heels to blend in with Summer. It is hard buying large amount of dresses when they may be expensive or not even worth buying if it will beworn only once, right?? I totally get you guys and this dress is the perfect example… I bought it at Forever 21 for $40 dlls, I honestly wanted to share the link here so you can shop the look exactly as I wore it but the dress sold out in minutes! 

I am sharing similar styles that may even work better for you, everyone has different body types and it is good to show variety.

Link to shop here :

Hope you guys enjoy it and take advantage of these parties, they only come around once 🙂




I thought I would write about some of my favorite color combos today. I didn’t even notice that these were colors that I’ve recently been wearing until I started uploading pictures.  I saw a lot of similar combinations, yet with different pieces. So, I thought I’d let you in on little secret that is “my outfitting.” I find that I stick to certain colors if I feel bring out a more caramel skin tone, or highlight certain facial features. The prominent color I see in my pictures is an olive green. So I thought to myself, why ? I came to the conclusion that recently I’ve been wearing so many pastels that my eye was begging for neutrals. 

A lot of people think that this is a fall seasonal color, and it definitely is, but there’s no wrong in sporting fall colors in the spring right? Well, here’s the thing. You don’t want to over-do it. One item of clothing with a fall color is okay, but try and prevent yourself from wearing wine red, with forest green, and dark browns. The time will come for those pieces to see the light of day. But as for now, if you are going through fall color withdrawals like me, use one piece! It still looks appropriate for Spring and Summer!

xx Gina



Hi Dolls! As I mentioned in my previous blog post I am going to be talking about my favorite Spring essentials this week! Today I am talking Manis and Pedis and my favorite colors and brand. For all of you who love the at-home spa, my favorite nail polish brands include OPI, Elf, Sally Hansen (regular and miracle gel), Revlon, Nars, and Chanel. When looking for a quick and affordable buy, I would definitely go for OPI, Elf, and Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen also offers the gel option which is longer lasting. If you like the OPI and Elf colors, you can buy the clear gel from Sally Hansen and it will last longer as well. Revlon is a brand that I have grown to love because my mom uses it and it is always faithful to my cuticles. Nars and Chanel are a bit higher end nail polish brands, but their glossiness doesn’t compare. Plus, a prepped mani is done in one coat which in the long run, is worth your buck!

Some of my favorite colors for Spring for nail polishes include all shades of pink , nude, white, blue, classic red, and purplish gray. Okay, so let’s talk through these! Of course everyone has a preference in nail polish colors, it’s only natural to go for what you are comfortable with.

But here’s a few tips. If you have fair skin, go for brighter colors. These are the reds, slight oranges, and watermelon pinks. For all you olive colored skin toned babes, white, nude, and blush pinks are your pals. They compliment your skin tone the best. For darker skin, wine reds, pastel blues and purples would be most compatible to your skin type. For spring, try out a new color! If you get a mani-pedi every two weeks, just think of it as a trial period !


Hi gals ! Today I’m talking dresses and which one’s will flatter each and every one of you best. If you don’t know your body type, take the test here. This blog post is for those sunny days ahead when you want to bare a bit of leg. Fit is something that I talk about often because it matters ! So today I’m going to share the best dress cuts for your body type whichever one it is ! 

Round or Apple Shape: The first two dresses featured here are your go-tos. These are a bit larger in the mid area and accentuate either the higher or lower waist. These dresses tend to have sleeves, but sleeveless work too !

Triangle : Fit and flare are your most flattering dresses. They highlight your tiniest section and the flared skirt balances out wide shoulders.

Inverted Triange or Pear: Halter or bare shoulder dresses fit best on your body type. This way the smallest part of your body is revealed. Also look for a flowy bottom dress. This cut will create a narrower illusion!

Athletic or Rectangle: Form fitting dresses are the best kind. If the dress is a bit loose, you can add a belt to make it more fitted and accentuate a waist.

 Tall: For tall body types a maxi is ideal ! It gives a slimmer physique and these kinds of dresses are best because it will not look too short or fit small around areas.

I hope these suggestions help! Also, note that there are always petite and tall options in certain retail stores. I always find it very helpful to ask a representative how they think I look! Also remember that if you don’t fall in love with the dress on the hanger, chances are that is where it is going to stay in your closet !

xx Gina