That Frenchie Look.

Currently on the hunt of these franchise hats that I see on all my explore feed. Aren’t they super cute!!?? I fell in love once I bought mine… I was looking for one like crazy and found one in a vintage store near Hillcrest. It was one of those days when I went to sell some of my Summer cleaning and I ended up buying cute hats and accessories as well.

I am in the hunt of buying a brown one and a red one as well … don’t know if I would look too ridiculous and feeling too Parisian but love the idea of wearing different things and looking versatile.

I bet most of you think I love them but don’t know if it would look good on me, but oh believe me they will! I always have a problem buying hats because I have a huge round head haha but these manage to fit me perfectly!

What do you guys think?

Flow session.

Never thought that I would be actually wearing oversized pants… I tend to always wear oversized tops and skinny jeans since my complexion isn’t the best in the upper area… I guess we all have insecurities at a certain point in time but one I have always had was showing off my body… never been a fan of tight tops and the body con dresses. Don’t get me wrong, I love how they look on women and I applaud them because they are more confident in that way… Me, since I was young I always tended to slouch and hide my upper area (never liked it and always wished I was flat).

This always got me thinking, people will never be fully satisfied with their complexion, or their hair, or their skin… One thing I learned is to work with it! I found myself more confident using oversized tops with skinny jeans or short shorts since I love that casual look and makes me feel more comfortable. I always told myself no surgeries until I really need one. I will work with what God gave me and embrace it in any way I need to as long as I am happy.

Sometimes people ask me why do you wear L tops when you are a size S or M (or at least you look like it) it’s not the matter of what size I am, more the fact of what makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. I like being extra loose with tops and I guess skinny and sometimes showing off the legs in the bottom part (seems odd but I guess it makes me more of a Cali girl).

In other words I always tell my friends don’t wear something just because of pressure, wear something because it makes you YOU.

Stripes for Fall.

Finally settled in my hometown after a major busy Fashion week! Feels so good to be back and ready to work and inspire for Fall … I’ve always been a huge fan of stripes for any Season and believe they will never go out of style. I am currently in the process of getting all my wedding details ready so my outfits are currently gonna be on-the-go style with a twist. I paired this amazing oversized shirt with my Diesel skinny jeans and my “never failing” Louboutins.

I also love a statement accessory, paired this whole outfit with my new Lulus earrings and my new Gucci cross body.

I will be sharing more outfits during the week so stay tuned…

Those Hats!! #NYFW

So this New York Fashion Week was all about the baked hats… didn’t know they were really in style until I saw pretty much every body wearing them! When I bought mine I bought them because during this time of year New York is super hot and humid and my hair goes crazy! Kind of as an emergency on-the-go accessory …. just in case and I ended up wearing them almost every day!…. I think all of you can relate to me when I say ALL bloggers and models were wearing these cuties, they were all over my explore page and I kept on loving them even more.

I am literally in a coffee shop expressing myself how much I am obsessed with these hats and even wearing one right now haha… I have added a shopping link where you can purchase them in different styles and colors 🙂 Hope you enjoy your happy hat shopping!


Hi loves,

Before I head over to New York this week and start the mayhem of what will be fashion week, I want to share a recent trip I took with 6 other lady bloggers as myself to Napa Valley in California. We were invited by Girl Talk Network which is a non-profit organization bringing together women to empower other women to become their best self. At first, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The trip was not only about brand exposure, but also a way to connect and make new friendships in the blogger world, open up new doors to different collaborations opportunities, and most of all enjoy a beautiful scenery that was cohesive with the free and beautiful vibe that all these women were giving off. It was an amazing trip especially given the bonds that were created. I definitely got a sense of what Girl Talk is all about and I want to encourage my followers to at least head over to their page and become educated about their program because it is a strong and beautiful concept.

In addition, we had the chance to work with brands as well, which I absolutely love! As many of you know I adore Patricia Nash. She is a designer that I have been wearing  since the beginning of my blog. I have a few of her handbags, but none of them compare to this tooled turquoise bag. It is a definite head turner and extremely comfortable for travel. Patricia Nash Designs have a unique embroidery, silhouette, and design to each style which makes all their products special.

We also had on board one of my favorite online shopping sites JustFab . As many of you know my blog is centered around budget friendly and fashionable pieces. This is exactly what JustFab promotes. The have cute and stylish pieces still being amazingly affordable. They were kind enough to outfit us while we were in Napa, but check out their comfy sweaters and showstopping sneaks ! JustFab recently expanded from selling just shoes to selling all kinds of on trend pieces and you all have access to that on their webpage.

Plus have you seen their new shoes just in for boot season? Not to worry, you can check out their new Fall styles here!