I’m Back Baby!

I’m back baby ! I love all my trips to the city, especially because coming from a beach city, the whirlwind of all that is New York hits me as soon as I land. Coming in from a red-eye flight is almost a given because if not I lose a whole day of chaos. If you’re planning a trip to the East Coast, I recommend giving yourself the morning off, if possible, to recuperate from that overnight flight. Like on any trip, I scout out the best places to take a good picture and over the years, I’ve found a few places that are very Instagram friendly. Not only are they great places to take pictures, but odds are you’ll find a good restaurant, coffee shop, or chill area to spend the afternoon nearby.

Pro-Tip : When arriving, even if you prefer Uber or Lyft, buy the Metro Card! When in doubt, walk! Some places it is better to walk to than to take a yellow cab or a ride because of traffic. Let’s be real, New York will always be packed with people, especially on the subway, but sometimes it’s quicker, cheaper, and more efficient to travel. This time around I’m coming for work which means most of the posts you will be seeing are of runways, meetings, styling suites, and the overall feel of what NYFW is! I’m also v excited to show you an everyday wrap up of the chaos — whether it be breakfast with friends or hosting an event! I have so many special surprises and a fully packed NYFW! Stay tuned for what’s to come loves, you won’t want to miss it !

Just to give you a little taste of the next few days here are a few looks I’ve previously rocked down the cobbled streets of Soho — enjoy the fashion inspo nostalgia !




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