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Before I head over to New York this week and start the mayhem of what will be fashion week, I want to share a recent trip I took with 6 other lady bloggers as myself to Napa Valley in California. We were invited by Girl Talk Network which is a non-profit organization bringing together women to empower other women to become their best self. At first, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. The trip was not only about brand exposure, but also a way to connect and make new friendships in the blogger world, open up new doors to different collaborations opportunities, and most of all enjoy a beautiful scenery that was cohesive with the free and beautiful vibe that all these women were giving off. It was an amazing trip especially given the bonds that were created. I definitely got a sense of what Girl Talk is all about and I want to encourage my followers to at least head over to their page and become educated about their program because it is a strong and beautiful concept.

In addition, we had the chance to work with brands as well, which I absolutely love! As many of you know I adore Patricia Nash. She is a designer that I have been wearing  since the beginning of my blog. I have a few of her handbags, but none of them compare to this tooled turquoise bag. It is a definite head turner and extremely comfortable for travel. Patricia Nash Designs have a unique embroidery, silhouette, and design to each style which makes all their products special.

We also had on board one of my favorite online shopping sites JustFab . As many of you know my blog is centered around budget friendly and fashionable pieces. This is exactly what JustFab promotes. The have cute and stylish pieces still being amazingly affordable. They were kind enough to outfit us while we were in Napa, but check out their comfy sweaters and showstopping sneaks ! JustFab recently expanded from selling just shoes to selling all kinds of on trend pieces and you all have access to that on their webpage.

Plus have you seen their new shoes just in for boot season? Not to worry, you can check out their new Fall styles here!




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