Amalfi Diary.

Hello hello!! So our last destination was Amalfi for the Italy trip … we arrived on a ferry  after 2 amazing days in Capri. This little town has the most amazing hotels with the prettiest views. We stayed in this cute spot called Villa amaría Lugia, which is 10 min away walking from Amalfi’s pintoresque centre.

We arrived there around 6 pm, perfect time for drinks and a nice view of the sunset. Our hotel was literally 2 min away from the best and well renowned hotel called Santa Catarina. We decided to go for drinks there since their view is to die for and their cocktails are as pretty as my picture above.

After a couple of drinks we went to town for dinner. Every little corner in town has the most amazing cafes and little restaurants that have good local Italian dines. We ended up eating at a place called Andrea’s and stayed there until 1 am.

That’a the beauty of Italy, one can stay up for hours and people are still in the streets eating and drinking in a moderate way. Love it so much it makes me want to go back!

The next day we went to our hotel’s pool and I think for us it was the most relaxing day of all. We literally spend all day there and got our tan mode ON! The view was amazing and the cocktails, well let’s say that Aperols where the first things that came to mind haha.

We just spend one night there, which for us was more than enough … that same day we grabbed a bus that took us straight to Rome (slept the whole way there) and got to town right on time for some pasta and wine right by the Trevi Fountain.

Gotta say my trips with this man keep on getting better and better and more of them are to come! Blessed to have him in my life and happy to be enjoying every moment of it with him ❤️.

Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Xo, Gina



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