So I just recently came back from the Cayman Islands and get’s what my souvenir was .. my tan. I live in San Diego and although the sun is out most of the time it seems almost impossible to set time apart to lay out in the sun. That’s why recently I’ve been looking at different beauty products to maintain my tan. I have previously used tanning lotions and I want to share all of my favorites with you. Some of the things I don’t like about tanning lotions is that they leave spots or they taint your skin when applying them. Others come off in a single wash and some are way too expensive for the end result. However, some are so good that the price, mess, and or duration are worth the hassle.

First Karat gold rush. This is a rather expensive tanning lotion, but it works wonders. It lasts long, and the color is a very natural glow. It is a thick cream that you apply on after a shower , but make sure to wash your hands as soon as it is applied.

Beautisol is one of my favorite tanning mousses. It is not very dark and the mousse also hydrates the skin. The retail price is $39.00 and the results are to glow for !


Another one of my favorite tanning mousses that is a bit less expensive is Tanwise self tanner. Retailing at around $15.00, the mousse comes with a glove for even application. This I found to be the most helpful.

However, another inexpensive tanning spray is Neutrogena’s Micro Mist. It retails around $10.00 and is perfect because the application is hands free and although the duration is not for long, it is perfect for a specific event. This is a good product to have and whip out on a sunny day when your skin is looking a bit fair. I hope you like my tanning tips, and let me know ow there work out for you!
xx Gina


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