Hi Dolls! As I mentioned in my previous blog post I am going to be talking about my favorite Spring essentials this week! Today I am talking Manis and Pedis and my favorite colors and brand. For all of you who love the at-home spa, my favorite nail polish brands include OPI, Elf, Sally Hansen (regular and miracle gel), Revlon, Nars, and Chanel. When looking for a quick and affordable buy, I would definitely go for OPI, Elf, and Sally Hansen. Sally Hansen also offers the gel option which is longer lasting. If you like the OPI and Elf colors, you can buy the clear gel from Sally Hansen and it will last longer as well. Revlon is a brand that I have grown to love because my mom uses it and it is always faithful to my cuticles. Nars and Chanel are a bit higher end nail polish brands, but their glossiness doesn’t compare. Plus, a prepped mani is done in one coat which in the long run, is worth your buck!

Some of my favorite colors for Spring for nail polishes include all shades of pink , nude, white, blue, classic red, and purplish gray. Okay, so let’s talk through these! Of course everyone has a preference in nail polish colors, it’s only natural to go for what you are comfortable with.

But here’s a few tips. If you have fair skin, go for brighter colors. These are the reds, slight oranges, and watermelon pinks. For all you olive colored skin toned babes, white, nude, and blush pinks are your pals. They compliment your skin tone the best. For darker skin, wine reds, pastel blues and purples would be most compatible to your skin type. For spring, try out a new color! If you get a mani-pedi every two weeks, just think of it as a trial period !



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