Hi loves! Today I’m sharing my favorite shades of lipstick and how it can enhance your look. I feel like we all can agree that wearing a bolder shade is easily noticeable, but a lighter pinkish or nude tone also brighten up your face. If you’re not fan of the lipstick, the gloss is your friend. When choosing a lipstick or gloss it is important to take your skin tone into consideration. Unfortunately, different skin tones pair better with specific colors. Here are a few of my favorite shades of lipstick that I’ve recently been obsessed with !

If you don’t know which lipstick matches your skin tone, here are a few suggestion! For fair skin, pops of red look amazing. You want to stay away from nude tones because they can easily blend in. For olive skin, shades of pink and orange give the skin a natural glow. Try and stay away from grays and browns ! For darker skin tones, burgundy and wine colored lips are your pals! If you are anywhere in between, you could a mixture of two of these and both shades match your skin tone !

If you love lipstick, then you know application is key. Chapped lips and lipstick are not a good combo so make sure to exfoliate or apply chap-stick before. For exfoliation purposes my favorite is Lip Sugar !

For longer lipstick duration, outlast long-wear moisture by Covergirl is awesome, but you could also add translucent powder and it will do the trick. 

Hope you liked my beauty tips!



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