Spring is here and so are pastel tones. Yes, its that time of the year to whip out all your trendy light tone color scheming. This year I have been especially obsessed with pink. Don’t ask me why, but I find myself buying pink lipstick, blushed toned shoes, doing my nails pink, pretty much pink anywhere. I found it fitting to share my most recent shades of pink to motivate all of you for this new season!

A flirty pastel shoe with a matching sweater is a great idea for those colder days when you want to go out to dinner with friends or that special someone. It is perfect for Spring and you can even switch out the heel for a comfy sneak in a pink shade. 

A floral print whether on an accessory or on a top goes a long way this season. What I have noticed is that it brightens up your outfit, but also your day ! Try out a printed floral even if you lean towards neutrals like I do!

Darker shades of pink usually look more of a purplish color, but I love them because it plays with your eyes a bit. The almost lilac color tends to be overlooked on a mannequin or in a store because it is not a common color to wear. I encourage you to try it on and see how it looks! It is flattering on all skin tones and it is a way to step out of your comfort zone ! Isn’t that what fashion is all about ?




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