Stella x Oscars.

As you all may know I got engaged a couple of days ago and all my friends keep on coming to celebrate this new beginning. For my last celebration, I partnered up with Stella Artois and decided to throw an Oscars themed party! Since the Oscars were coming up I thought what a better way than to bring everyone to my house, drink some beer, and gossip about the latest fashion on Hollywood’s biggest night.

It was my first time partnering up with Stella Artois and had no idea they had so many cool ideas for this year’s Oscars. They recently designed these amazing Limited-Edition Chalices made for a special campaign that you all will love. This campaign is called “Buy A Lady A Drink.” The “Buy A Lady A Drink” campaign has one simple main message: buy one of these Limited-Edition Chalices, and for every Chalice sold, Stella Artois will help provide five years of clean water for one person in the developing world. The Chalices were designed by artists from Brazil, Cambodia, and Uganda – the three developing countries that will benefit from this year. I think it is an amazing way to help countries out who need the help while we also get to enjoy these amazing glasses. The best part is my guests and I were gifted Limited-Edition Stella Artois “Buy A Lady A Drink” Chalices where a donation to has been made on our behalf.

The first people to arrive were my blogger friends… as you can tell we were enjoying to the max all the beer, especially the Cidre (super good!)…. As we sat down to begin watching the Oscars, we all had the urge to gossip about the do’s and don’ts on the red carpet … As we got into more detail I remember how Stella Artois had just announced a partnership with Marchesa for the Oscars red carpet in support of the “Buy A Lady A Drink” Campaign”… We were all eager to see who would wear it and it was the lovely Olivia Culpo. The design was amazing!! The dress was super cute right???

It was an amazing day and wanted to thank Stella for making this event even more fun!

Make sure you help stop the global water crisis and purchase a Limited-Edition Chalice here: Or, you can go to and for every 6 pack and 12 pack of Stella Artois purchased until March, Stella Artois 
will fund a donation to Check it out here:

Hope you guys enjoy it and have a great week!


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