So I recently got some amazing goodies from the ladies over at Liviara. If you have never heard of them before today is your lucky day! Especially since Valentines is right around the corner. Liviara lingerie is inspired by the spirit of American women, who know what they want and how to get it. Their collection emphasizes both sides of femininity, the sweet and soft, but the sexy and sensual, as well.

I wore their French Ivory Indulge Silhouette and I must say it does give one a better figure once you put it on. I felt comfortable and my posture was even better. This piece is mainly made for “Night number one”, which means make your honeymoon the first of many lusty nights  by displaying a decadent 3-piece silky rich outfit. I honestly wore it to make my posture taller and my figure better, but one can decide what occasion to wear it to. The best thing is that the color goes with pretty much everything, even a nude dress.

Hope you guys love it and splurge on one that will be memorable.

This post was sponored thanks to Liviara.



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