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So guess who is in Miami this week ? This girl. I’m thrilled to say that I am finally here. I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time, but the opportunity never caught up with me, until now. Clearly all I was thinking about was what I was going to pack, doesn’t everyone? Hearing that the climate was humid, I feel like we can all relate when I say that hair taming was number one on my list. I made what I call my hair-goal kit including the new Botanique Collection from TRESemmé: the Damage and Recovery Oil Elixir, Nourish & Replenish Hydrating Mist, along with the Nourish and & Replenish Hydration Masque, and the TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray.

Hola a todos! Adivinen donde estoy!! MIAMI. Por fin se me dio la oportunidad de conocer y estoy más que encantada de estar aquí. La verdad lo primero que se me vino a la mente cuando venia en camino fue la humedad y como iba a controlar mi cabello. Ustedes ya saben que soy fan de la colección de Tresemme Botanical Collection y me la traje conmigo! (todo el kit ya sabrán).

Getting ready for my visit with TRESemmé stylist Marco Peña, I hopped in the shower and prepped with the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner and Hydration Mask. It’s rich texture moisturizes the dry and dehydrated areas around my hair. It is inevitable to have some dryness, given that I color my hair and use styling wands for my hair. This is perfect for any of you trying to repair any damaged hair. I use it once or twice a week and it has improved my hair quality immensely.

Para estar lista para mi visita con Marco lo primero que hice fue darme un baño con Tresemme Botanique Hydrating Masque. Ya la he mencionado antes y la verdad que es una de mis favoritas para controlar lo seco del pelo y darle nutrientes.

Partnering up with TRESemmé, I called up my friend Marco Peña, the Latin Ambassador for the brand for some help. He is so talented and provided some super helpful tips that I’m sharing with all of you. As soon as he came in, he asked me how I wanted to play with my hair. The first word out of my mouth was: BRAIDS !

Allegar a Miami y estar trabajando con con TRESemme, llame a mi amigo Marco Peña, ya que el vive aquí en Miami y me iba a dar muchos tips y ayuda en como controlar y peinar mi cabello. Lo primero que me pregunto es como quería mi pelo y dije HUMEDAD=TRENZAS! Me encantan las trenzas en climas como estos y la verdad me encantaron los tips que me dio.

To be honest, I always stay true to my hair look. Shown above is how I usually curl it. I use a wand and wrap my hair around in small portions. I curl it almost daily, but it is because my long hair is difficult to do myself when thinking of a hairdo. Knowing I had Marco on my side, I knew I wanted to get tips on how to braid and which braids are best suited for me.

Sinceramente siempre trato de ser yo cuando se trata de peinar mi cabello. Normalmente nomas me hago ondas con la pinza y listo! Conociendo a marco ya sabía él lo que yo quería y me dijo que me iba a hacer algo diferente pero que me sintiera lo más cómoda.

So I started off by parting off sections of my hair into three. The middle was where I began making a French braid that merged into a fishtail braid. A French braid is to keep the hair in place close to the head and at the bottom I began fish-tailing it to give it a more detailed look.

Empecé por partirme el pelo en secciones y haciéndome la trenza de dos. Este tipo de trenza me encanta por el detalle que se maneja y lo lindo del acabado.

I did the same on the other side and continued to wrap it around my head to eventually tie them together in the back. I left some hair pieces out in the front, I just love a messier and relaxed look rather than an extremely polished finish. Marco helped with the natural messiness of the look as he loosened the braids for a more laid-back take for a half-up do. I tied both braids in the back with a miniature head band which is perfect because it is almost invisible. Pictured above is the almost-finished look.

Hice lo mismo con el otro lado y junte las dos trenzas juntas. Me encanta el look más como despeinado y natural y Marco me ayudó a retomar ese look. La foto de arriba es el look ya casi listo.

Being overly obsessed with braids, I continued a long fishtail from where the two initial braids met. Again, I made the look messier by loosening up the tightness of the braid. To me it was a spin on the Cali messy bun, in a Miami way! Oh but without the help of Marco and his styling tips, this would not have been possible.

Ya que estoy un poco obsesionada con las trenzas, junte las dos trenzas y las hice una y un poco despeinadas. Para mi fue un cambio del chongo despeinado que uso en California a unas trenzas aquí en Miami.

To finish up the look and give it a finishing touch, I used the TRES Two Extra Hold Hair Spray. It is perfect for holding any hairdo or hairstyle of any sort. Having a looser braid, it would have been easy for the braid to come undone, but not in TRESemmé’s eyes. This is where they come in to help with their hold strength.

Para completar el look use el TRESemme Two Spray Extra Hold ya para el acabado y el control.






The hair was perfect for me today as I explored a little bit of Miami. It looked like goddess in the light and especially with the scenic view behind, oh just perfect. I decided to sit by the water and just take in all the beauty in a simple dress and a light jacket. Hair is always like an accessory and should match the ootd, always. Just remember, hair taming is possible with a little help from the best.

Aquí se puede ver como me gusto mi peinado mientras exploraba Miami. Puedo decir uno que se parece a un peinado de diosas, especialmente con el paisaje, Decidí sentarme un ratito ya que el clima estaba perfecto y super a gusto.


This hairstyle lasted for a few days! I used the TRESemmé Damage Recovery Oil Elixir spray to keep my hair shiny and healthy!

Ah claro not te olvides usar Tresemme Botanical Damage and Recovery Spray para mantener brillo en esas puntas.

I pined my braid up into a crown and finished with the TRES Two hairspray.

Y obvio el toque fina un poco de hair spray 2 !

Espero les haya gustado!



This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product of Unilever.


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