It feels so good to be back to the place where it all started: the heart of Hillcrest in San Diego. This is where I would come and buy gently used clothing and finds that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I also found that the finds are still great, if not, better than ever. So all of you looking to give a second chance to items that were once seen as “no longer needed”, this one’s for you. I think one of the most satisfying feelings is buying a good item at a reasonable price. And for that reason, I’m sharing all my thrift worthy places in San Diego. I think some think of thrifting as impossible to find something valuable, but hopefully with this post your experience will be seamless and you could possibly find a few gems along the way.

I usually go to “Buy, Sell. Trade” shops in Hillcrest. It is a great way to get a few dollars for clothes that no longer fit you or are just sitting in your closet. The best part about these kinds of shops is that it gives you the chance to find an item for you that someone else sold. These shops are a little bit more expensive than thrift shops, but you can find tees, jeans, dresses, shoes, and more at prices ranging from $15-$25. The prices may vary depending on brands, but the clothes are usually close to unworn and a good deal.

Some of my favorite “Buy, Sell, Trade” shops in San Diego include Buffalo Exchange, Lost & Found, and Flashbacks. These three are all neighboring stores which is great because you can stop by all three in one day. Buffalo’s style of clothing is a bit edgier, but I think they have the best variety when looking to buy. I love to go there and see what fun and funky items I can find.

Lost & Found has a girlish and vintage feel. They are pickier when buying from you, but their selection of clothing is very nice and has higher end brands.

Flashbacks is a great place to go when looking for a 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s vibe, hence the store name Flashbacks. They have everything from go-go, to hippie, sparkle and glitter. It is a fun place to shop around with friends.

I hope you find my suggestions helpful and feel free to message me if you have any questions ! Happy Thrift Hunting !

xx Gina


Hello loves ! I’m back with another post on one of your favorite topics.. hair! Most of the questions I get from my following ask me about the hair products that I use and how I keep my hair full, soft, and healthy. For the longest time, I have been using Herbal Essences,  which made me all the more ecstatic when they asked me to partner with them. Herbal Essences prides themselves on being the first natural hair care brand and their new bio:renew collection stands behind the brand’s approach. The bio:renew collection is an assortment of hair care products that bring back life into your hair. The bio:renew collection purifies and protects hair from the
inside out by trapping, neutralizing and removing the build-up that can cause hair to look dull and lifeless. I think we can all relate to having that dulled hair look and remembering weeks past when you left the salon and your hair looked absolutely vibrant.  Well, when your hair absorbs the bio:renew it starts “renewing” your hair as it says in the product collection name and the quality of your hair improves over time.

They have an assortment of nine shampoos and conditioners that all smell amazing and perform differently depending on what you are looking for. Some of my favorites include the Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Collection which is designed for dry hair. I usually style my hair daily which calls for some extreme hydration treatment. This collectin leaves my hair soft and moisturized. For those of you who have damaged hair due to dyes and blowouts, I recommend the Herbal Essences Argan Oil of Morocco Collection which helps repair hair. The texture is very creamy and the finish post-application is extremely silky. My absolute favorite, however, is the Herbal Essences White Grapefruit & Mosa Mint. This collection smells amazing and gives my hair the volume it needs! I love the shampoo and conditioner, but I also love that the collection also has a dry shampoo for those days when you don’t want to wash your hair, but still wanting that fresh scent.

I know many of you know that I am constantly on the go. I love to travel and experience new places and it may be odd to think, but having full and healthy hair is definitely a confidence booster. Wherever I go, I feel like I can make anything happen. Life is too short to be lifeless or have lifeless hair ! All of you adventure seeking gals and travel junkies like me this is your go-to hair care product to carry that confidence and healthy hair wherever you roam.

Thank you Herbal Essences for sponsoring this post.

XX Gina


Something I feel we can all agree on is that B&W is always timeless. I think that’s why most of my wardrobe includes black and white pieces. Today, I went with some timeless pieces, but still with a modern twist. This faux-leather skirt has a go-go vibe, but then again still does not look dated. What I love about it is that it is a key day to night piece.  The oversized sweater is also a fall favorite. The graphic detail adds a more modern touch. This one has One Teaspoon’s slogan “Fools Eat Cool”.  The booties I am wearing are amazing, black, and heeled. These are from the new fall collection from Splendid and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes. You know me, when comfort and fashion combine it’s definitely a win!

Date Night.

Everybody loves a good date night right??. Personally even though I’ve had the opportunity of traveling to some amazing places I always end up loving date nights even more in my home town, San Diego.

Ahmed (my fiance ) and I have been currently super busy so anytime we have a chance to sip on a good bottle of wine and a piece of steak is like HALLELUJAH! I recently wore these amazing pants by Chris Gramer and fit perfectly! If you are a size 26 in jeans and want to buy these pants go for a size 2 (they run a little big but fit amazing!!)

I guess black and white one can never go wrong especially on a night where you will just walk in, cross the leg, show of the heels, and smell extra good right?. Is it just me or is that what date nights look now a days?


Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂 you can shop the look here .

Wedding Hustlin.

So I’ve been currently super busy running around like a headless chicken, but so exited to be planning one of the most important days of my life. A lot of you guys have been asking me about my current status or how is the wedding planing going so I decided to do a mini update post about it.

  1. I got the dress, which I fell in love with and can’t wait to share it with you guys.
  2. I got the date and the venue, which will be in an amazing house that I will feel like I am in a dream.
  3. The music! so important and got one of the best in town!!
  4. The food  … so important too! Since the wedding will be in Mexico one knows that the food will be amazing no matter what 🙂
  5. The theme… I love romantic weddings so be prepared to see lots of candles and flowers hanging everywhere.
  6. The bachelorette party-ies (so important right?!) I think I will have 2 or 3 (sorry Ahmed haha) have lots of friends from all parts of the world and want to share this special moment with all of them.
  7. Lots of Latin music but a lot of Habibi songs too (Really need to learn how to dance them)!!
  8. Photographer check! Still working on where the engagement photos will be, but one thing I can tell you it won’t be in a destination even thinkable.
  9. My fiance, Ahmed… So supportive on everything and super excited as well, couldn’t of found a better half for me (Lucky girl!)
  10. Last but not least, I got a super exciting campaign coming up that I can’t say much right now but  gots to do with pretty jewels by one of my favorite designers.

I have still so much planning to do but my wedding planner keeps me sane haha it will be a very romantic yet traditional theme but with a little twist! Can’t wait to share that special day!!