Silver layer.

So today’s post is all about my favorite short jeans since the weather has still been hot and as much as I would like to wear skinny jeans it’s not possible. I tend to wear a lot of vintage stuff now and then and these shorts I ended up cutting them myself from a pair of vintage Levi’s denim men jeans. I love the baggy feel to them, which makes it easier to wear them with tees or oversized vnecks (which is my favorite look of the season).

Hope you guys enjoyed it and as you can tell I usually wear them with white shirts and sneakers (per usual)… for Summer I end up wearing more casual looks since it is easy to accessorize with headbands or cute sunglasses… I guess accessories for me a pop of something is always a must 🙂

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Summer dresses.

For some reason the days in San Diego keep getting hotter and hotter as days go by. We all think what could be the best outfit to wear without getting all sweaty, makeup dirty, and hair all messy… I have been recently wearing a lot of dresses since my last trip to Italy, I find them so easy to wear and accessorize as well, I dont know about you guys but I have this tendency to wear either short jeans for a while or dresses and rompers; this past weeks have been all about the dresses as you can tell.

This dress I got it last week and wore it the next day, I decided to wear it with my super comfy shoes and my favorite bag of the season. Believe it or not I love wearing sneakers but at the same time with dresses it just makes the complete outfit a little less formal and a little more casual… I am more of a causal gal as you see on my IG so sneakers are always on my mind.

Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

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Hello loves ! Recently I have been going to restaurants more often, and although I try to work out more, I feel like I have been slacking off on eating healthy. I decided to make some moderate changes in order to cut down on certain types of foods and drinks. So today I want to share with you five steps to clean eating that with time, hopefully become part of your daily routine. I have been following them for about two weeks, but my results have only been positive.

Tip One: If you are like me and eat out a lot, this tip can really help. Nothing compares to making food at home because you know exactly how you are preparing your food and which condiments you add.  However, if you order something at a restaurant, the safest bets are fruits and veggies. Although sometimes oils, pesto, and different seasonings are added to veggies, veggies burn calories and have low fat content especially if you stick to the green veggies. This of course will not leave you completely full, but it will fuel you up so that your main course can be a smaller portion.

Tip Two: Try out vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Vegan and vegetarian options are trending so much that these kids of restaurants are popping up in every neighborhood. One of my favorite restaurants in SD is Cafe Gratitude which is pictured above and they have amazing options. However, don’t limit yourself just to that. There are always vegan and vegetarian friendly options almost at every restaurant.

Tip three: Sweets are okay, just make sure they are low in fat and good for you. I love me a good ice cream or gelato. I know, however that these are not the best for my health. Start out, with maybe trying out a yogurt option or  even making your own fruity popsicles. They are a great alternative to satisfy a craving.

Tip Four: Switch to whole grain options. The best grains for you are the ones that have been the least processed. If you switch out pasta or white bread for whole grain, you get more fiber, anti-oxidants, and nutrient rich substitutes. These are better for your health, but also help with weight loss.

Tip Five: If you love a good happy hour and a refreshing margarita in the summer always calls your name, jot this one down. Try and use natural ingredients when creating your mixology. Go to your local produce market and instead of buying margarita mix or fruity mixers, squeeze lemons and crush berries to create a less sugary option. Also there are skinny girl cocktails which I have recently been obsessed with which are also low in sugar.

Let me know if these five tips helped you out! I would love to know if they were good options for you as well!


Amalfi Diary.

Hello hello!! So our last destination was Amalfi for the Italy trip … we arrived on a ferry  after 2 amazing days in Capri. This little town has the most amazing hotels with the prettiest views. We stayed in this cute spot called Villa amaría Lugia, which is 10 min away walking from Amalfi’s pintoresque centre.

We arrived there around 6 pm, perfect time for drinks and a nice view of the sunset. Our hotel was literally 2 min away from the best and well renowned hotel called Santa Catarina. We decided to go for drinks there since their view is to die for and their cocktails are as pretty as my picture above.

After a couple of drinks we went to town for dinner. Every little corner in town has the most amazing cafes and little restaurants that have good local Italian dines. We ended up eating at a place called Andrea’s and stayed there until 1 am.

That’a the beauty of Italy, one can stay up for hours and people are still in the streets eating and drinking in a moderate way. Love it so much it makes me want to go back!

The next day we went to our hotel’s pool and I think for us it was the most relaxing day of all. We literally spend all day there and got our tan mode ON! The view was amazing and the cocktails, well let’s say that Aperols where the first things that came to mind haha.

We just spend one night there, which for us was more than enough … that same day we grabbed a bus that took us straight to Rome (slept the whole way there) and got to town right on time for some pasta and wine right by the Trevi Fountain.

Gotta say my trips with this man keep on getting better and better and more of them are to come! Blessed to have him in my life and happy to be enjoying every moment of it with him ❤️.

Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

Xo, Gina


 Prior to this trip, I’d been to Europe several times before but I discovered Capri’s true beauty this summer. I had previously been to the island, but only on a very there and back. This time, however, I got a chance to grab dinner, spend a night, and even do some damage in the piazzeta.

Tip: get the earliest ferry possible to enjoy Capri since morning, the ferries usually range from 20 to 30 euros and they come and go every other hour but stop exactly at 5:15pm so if you need to get back to another destination make sure you make it by 5pm to the port to not miss your ferry.

After checking-out from my Positano hotel, I grabbed a ferry that took me directly from Positano’s port to the port in Capri. I stayed in Anacapri which is five minutes away from Capri’s center, but to be honest wherever you stay, the views are amazing.

We really wanted to go to Fontelina beach but it was sold out by a private party going on … a lot of people recommended me that beach club and apparently it is the most popular one, if you end up going make sure you reserve 2 weeks beforehand because that place has high demand (we will have to come again just to check it out hehe) … since we couldn’t make it to the beach club we went the safe way and went down to Marina Piccola, which is the most populated beach in the island.

The view in Capri is breathtaking. The coast is filled with sailboats, yachts, and miles of blue. I went to the Marina Piccola where the beaches can be accessed by foot downhill, but make sure to take the bus if you are going uphill. The beaches were packed with people from all over the world enjoying their touristy fun in the sun.

If you want my opinion for restaurants anywhere is good but we went to this really good one called Georgios, fully local Italian with amazing wine and great service (we were the last ones to leave as always) … don’t forget to rent a boat in Marina Piccola as well! There are group boats or private ones … if you want to splurge get the private one but either one is worth it!

Make sure to grab a drink before dinner at the piazetta. In the piazetta there were shops and restaurants all around. The place is consistent with bright colors and people with head-turning resort wear. Of course, Prada caught my attention and I walked in and got myself a little souvenir which I’ll soon post on my IG. But the handcrafted artisan details sold on the streets were also amazing. The people late at night would come out all dressed nicely and ready for dinner. Being there, you can tell that Capri is a luxurious vacation destination and still to this day one of my favorite travel destinations.

xx Gina