It’s me asking for HELP.

This post will be a little different to what I usually post… Today I will be asking you guys for help! I sometimes get stuck in a situation where I can’t brainstorm anymore or I freeze to a point where I don’t know what else would interest my viewers to read. I really want opinions from you guys in what you would want me to write, talk, and even tips of some sort. I love reading all of your guys comments (even though I don’t answer most of them I still read them) and love new ideas you guys send me, for example a lot of you asked me about home decor. I love home decor but I have written about 3 posts about it and think I should do something different (if you have anything in mind pleaaase coment below)


Anyways in advance thank you and hope you guys find some new ideas 🙂

Think Orange?


Let’s talk about a comfortable yet chic look …. Fell in love with this dress ever since I got it in the mail. Love the details and the flow of it. I think I got size M and it is still a little big, which is even better! I paired it up with some oxfords since I love waking during this time of the day … there’s a coffee shop right around the corner SOOO Instagramable haha … Anyways this was a short post, again for just a little inspiration, maybe for a Sunday out? or a Funday? You tell me 🙂

Blogging tips.

Got some blogging tips for ya since you guys asked for it!

First, thing start off with what you are most passionate about, I started off writing about how one can still look good and make an amazing outfit, without having to spend a lot of money. It sort of started as a thrift blog since I was all for making and designing new things on vintage products, throughout time it evolved to be more of a lifestyle blog, which I incorporated it in my own style and ended up loving everything about it and was able to inspire people.

Second, be creative in your own way, don’t get me wrong I have so many inspiring women out there that I follow and strive to be like them one day; but still viewers like to see the real YOU, not a same other… try and be yourself as much as possible, I believe that’s why some people can relate to you even more because they see a person that they see themselves following and like I said can RELATE.

Third, take classes of photography, photoshop, editing, designing…etc… anything that you would want to be good at. You don’t even have to go to classes, you can take them online like I did. I always wanted that uniqueness to editing photos and tried my hardest, I honestly saw so many youtube videos, and also asked for tips, don’t be afraid to ask, in this industry people are here to help, I always think the more they are the better.

That Sweater.

Hi Loves!! so I have been getting a lot of questions of where I got this amazing cozy sweater… My girls at Vici Dolls always have me covered when it comes to Fall looks. Even though it’s been like 1000 degrees lately I decided to do a little inspiration to hopefully chilly days coming up. I paired it up with some cute skinny jeans from JCPenney (34 bucks no joke!) and my Prada bag and Valentino Sandals. I usually mix affordable clothes with a high end accessories since I love a little of both.

Hopefully you enjoy it and start your Winter shopping 🙂

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