Hi loves ! For all of you who are excited for summer, I’m right there with you. The sun is out and I’m ready for swimsuit shopping. A lot of you ask me where I buy my swimsuits, and that’s why today I am creating a post with all my favorite swimsuits  and why I like the pieces so much. I love one piece swimsuits. They are so cute and stylish and brand seem to be coming up with cuter and cuter designs each season. This post talks only about one-pieces but stay tuned for my two piece faves !

First of all, one of my favorite pieces is this off-the-shoulder red printed swimsuit. Many of might have see it on my IG post from Coachella, but I recently took it to the Cayman Islands as well. It is a fun and flirty showstopper.

This second one I have had since last summer. It is a baby blue one piece with tribal print in the center. What I love about this one is that it shapes the body very nicely and it hugs exactly where it needs to hug.  This black deep v-neck swimsuit with floral print is also one of my all time faves. It is girly but with a sexy edge. It draws attention without being vulgar or too exposed. This next piece I love because of its simplicity.

Burgundy is a color that goes very well with my skin tone and I chose this color mainly because of that. However, this has a cute detail to it that is also sexy. It has a collar and a unique print to it. It shows off your shape and gives a slight tease.

Lastly, many of you saw this swimsuit in my IG stories, but the patterns on these bathing suit is to die for. It has one of my favorite color combos: light blue and white.

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Swimsuits can be fashionable as well and you guys can buy this on the link below. I also have added some additional pics of swimsuits I love also ! Shop some of my favorite swimsuits below !


Today I’m talking silk scarves. For those who follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen me wearing silk scarves around my neck, on handbags, and as hair accessories. I love silk scarves because they have a way of polishing up any look. They add a sort of sophisticated touch to any outfit. I’m going to share with you what I look for when shopping for a silk scarf.

I usually look for a square silk scarf. I also look for fun patterns and wear them with simple outfits so that attention is drawn to the scarf. I like a silk scarf with a pop of color as well. I try and stay away from very busy prints because the scarf is not appreciated as much. As far as where to shop, I usually go to inexpensive retail stores like Forever21, Francescas, Love Culture, and H&M. These places have super cute and trendy items that don’t make a hole in your wallet. I usually go to these places because these silk scarves are statement pieces which people will notice if you wear more than twice. TIP: If you are probably not going to use an item more than 3-5 times in its lifespan, do not invest in it. Silk scarves are trendy and fun to play with with any personal style.


Shop my favorite scarves of the moment below !


Hi loves  <3  For all of you who have been asking me about the hair care products that I use, this one’s for you ! As many of you know, I recently dyed my hair blonder, and I found an amazing product that has been helping maintain the color just as vibrant after hitting the salon. Kérastase Paris recently launched a new Color Care Collection, so that your color looks like you just got it done, even in between salon visits!




I recently stopped by Luxe Lab Salon in Santa Monica to experience the new Reflection Chromatique collection and am loving it! The collection includes shampoo, conditioner, a mask and these cool Touche Chromatique ink pens that completely customize the regimen based on your hair color.

The collection has an easy multi-step regimen (which, of course, I’ll guide you through) ! The product helps with brassiness on my blonde ombré/balayage color. The results are amazing: my color is all the more intense and my hair feels healthier and shinier.


First, I shower and use the Reflection Bain Chromatique Sulfate Free shampoo. I love using this product because it is specifically for color-treated hair. From time to time, I switch out to the Reflection Bain Chromatique Riche when my hair is looking a bit duller or needs a little extra conditioning because it locks in the color vibrant tones. I usually do not use conditioner daily, but the Reflection Fondant Chromatique is great for those dry ends.

The Touche Chromatique pen that I used is the cool blond (purple color) one – it helps neutralize the yellow shades on my long locks. First scoop the Reflection Masque Chromatique into the Kérastase mixing bowl. Then, add 10-15 drops of the Reflection Touche Chromatique. I have longer hair, so I personally used 15 pumps of the product. Mix both, until the color is a soft lavender color. Apply this on damp hair and leave on for 5-8 minutes. Wash hair thoroughly and blow dry.

You’ll notice that the treatment helps neutralize brassy shades, locks in color and nourishes hair for a softer feel. It is personally the best color refreshing treatment I have used! I love it and wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on the opportunity to own it. Plus, Kérastase understands we all have different hair colors, so they have several different shades of Touche Chromatique pens to blend for your actual color.

Thank you to Kérastase for sponsoring this post and I hope all of you check out the linked products so that you too have have more color intense results !

xx Gina


So I just recently came back from the Cayman Islands and get’s what my souvenir was .. my tan. I live in San Diego and although the sun is out most of the time it seems almost impossible to set time apart to lay out in the sun. That’s why recently I’ve been looking at different beauty products to maintain my tan. I have previously used tanning lotions and I want to share all of my favorites with you. Some of the things I don’t like about tanning lotions is that they leave spots or they taint your skin when applying them. Others come off in a single wash and some are way too expensive for the end result. However, some are so good that the price, mess, and or duration are worth the hassle.

First Karat gold rush. This is a rather expensive tanning lotion, but it works wonders. It lasts long, and the color is a very natural glow. It is a thick cream that you apply on after a shower , but make sure to wash your hands as soon as it is applied.

Beautisol is one of my favorite tanning mousses. It is not very dark and the mousse also hydrates the skin. The retail price is $39.00 and the results are to glow for !


Another one of my favorite tanning mousses that is a bit less expensive is Tanwise self tanner. Retailing at around $15.00, the mousse comes with a glove for even application. This I found to be the most helpful.

However, another inexpensive tanning spray is Neutrogena’s Micro Mist. It retails around $10.00 and is perfect because the application is hands free and although the duration is not for long, it is perfect for a specific event. This is a good product to have and whip out on a sunny day when your skin is looking a bit fair. I hope you like my tanning tips, and let me know ow there work out for you!
xx Gina

A day for headbands.

As most of you already know I have the tendency to wear my hair down and in natural curls. Still those curls take at least 25 minutes to get ready… some days I just want to get out of the shower and get going (do any of you feel me?) … When this happens I like to wear either hats or hair accessories, which most of the times I wear headbands. I usually buy them at affordable stores, for example Forever 21, HM, or Zara.

Zara has some really cute ones with patters right now for Summer. I am going on a mini trip soon to Italy so will definitely show more of those coming up soon!

Hope you enjoyed this post and you can shop the look down here 🙂